Fight He Lead with His Own Government After 2015

History Mar 13, 2020

Since the formation of United National Front Government in January 2015, it followed a path adverse to the country and its conduct was corrupt, maladroit and treacherous. Country was exposed to a danger than never been in the history. He being a Minister in that government opposed to many a decisions taken by it adversely affecting the sovereignty of the people and the resources of the Nation. The leaders of the then Government considered that the opposing for any treacherous act as an obstacle to it and removed him from the Cabinet of Ministers in August 2017. The reasons for such removal could be summarised as a follows;

  1. Opposing for the gazetting of the Central Bank as a subject of the Prime Minister in gross violation of monetary laws of the land and appointment of Arjun Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank, whose name remained in public domain as corrupt and dishonest man.
  2. Opposing for the gazetting of the subject of Constitutional Affairs as a subject of the Prime Minister though it was a subject of the Minister of Justice and the appointment of a Constitutional Council to draft a new constitution apparently to fulfil the aspirations and the agenda of the diaspora and the countries supporting diaspora whose prime object is to divide the country.
  3. Opposing for the decision to co-sponsor the resolution moved by USA against Sri Lanka in the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. It was historically a treacherous act committed by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and Mr. Mangala Samaraweera without the approval or the knowledge of the President of the Republic and the Ministers of the Cabinet.
  4. Exposing of the hypocrisy and nefarious policy of the then government by which it was posturing and protecting the Wahabism terrorist activities while having all relevant information about disasters and the   brutal killings. The leaders of the then government was enraged against him as he disclosed the fact that there were 32 terrorists hailing from four affluent Muslim families having training from ISIS terrorist organization planning to make a mass massacre and to make the country a blood-bath. He also disclosed the presence of around 500 preachers to brainwash Muslims by teaching the Wahabi terrorism in Sri Lanka. He said this in the Parliament on 18th November 2016, thirty months prior to Easter Sunday brutal and barbaric bomb blasts.
  5. Opposing to the appointment of an utterly incompetent police officer as the Inspector-General of Police, who had no capacity to take charge of the security of the people in the country by the Constitutional Council despite being he is the member representing the then government in the Council.
  6. Raising of the voice to remove the then Inspector-General of Police and the Defence Secretary who were not capable of discharging their duties towards the defence of the country.
  7. Opposing for the alienation of Hambantota Mahinda Rajapakshe International Port for a petty mess of pottage by the then government which was highly a corrupt transaction. Hambantota Port is not only a vital economic hub, it is the most important strategic point of defence in the Indian region. As a result of the said imprudent decision our foreign relations with most of the high-powered nations such as India, USA, European countries, Japan etc, was severely damaged and presumably it paved the way for the Easter Sunday massacre.
  8. Opposing for the proposed State Lands (Amendment) Act. When the then UNP Government presented the said amendment, he sphereheaded to resist the enactment of iy by filing a case in the Supreme Court in 2003. When UNP government again presented it in 2019 also, he resisted it through the Courts. If not for that at least over 40,000 families in agricultural zones could have been ousted from their lands rendering them victims and landless citizens. Then government’s hidden agenda was to facilitate to implement Millennium Challenge Corporation (MMC) agreement and Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and thereby to make the Sri Lanka a colony of USA.
  9. Opposing for the adoption of vindictive policy of government by abusing the administration of justice system and thereunder to arrest and prosecute it’s political opponents. They also arrested a large number of war heroes on false charges to console the diaspora and the TNA, for the purpose of the sustenance of their government without which they could not have maintained their majority in the Parliament.
  10. Prevention of a series of legislations proposed to be enacted by the then government in response to the betrayal commitment made it by co-sponsoring the US resolution in Geneva, which included abolition of Prevention of Terrorism Act, establishment of a Hybrid War Crimes Court to charge the war heroes for war crimes and few other legislations adverse to our country’s defence, economy and culture.
  11. Opposing for the politization of the Constitutional Council by which it took decisions depriving the legitimate entitlements of high-ranking judicial officers and State officers, on their appointments and promotions.
  12. Resisting of the influence and interfering into our internal affairs by the representatives of United Nations and European Union.
  13. Raising of voice against the insulting remarks and ridiculing comments by the leaders and ministers of the then government against the most venerable Buddhist monks and the other religious dignitaries.